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Hi! This is your mod, kissandcry here with a few updates on the comm.

rinoa_heartilly won't be around for some time, so kythzia and me will be taking over temporarily. Hopefully this place hasn't died yet, but I'll be coming up with a new theme soon, so no worries ^_^! I'm just waiting for permission (from the owner) to use the theme I have in mind...

On another note, we're also looking for BANNER-MAKERS as we're left with copellia and me as the only active ones now. If you're interested, please apply by replying to this post with the following information:

- Your journal name.
- Why you want to be a bannermaker.
- How often you're available for making banners.
- Example(s) of your work. (It doesn't necessarily need to be fantastic or anything, we're just curious ^_^)

I'll also be coming up with a mod/bannermaker schedule ASAP, this will make allocating duties much easier ^_^ Sorry for the wait... see you guys around soon!
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